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Hydraulic cone crusher is stepping to the summit of crusher development

    Machinery industry in the increasingly competitive mechanical environment, hydraulic cone crusher along with technology constantly updated, the traditional crushed mode gradually into fine grinding, super fine grinding processing production mode. Success in crusher industry to a new step and step.
   Zhengzhou YIFAN is the advanced manufacturer of hydraulic cone crusher, it has the features of professional, planification, human nature. The produced hydraulic cone crusher has the function of hydraulic cleaning cavity.Clear cavity function is to point to if cone crusher in load (i.e. have not broken material into) stop or other leads to midway stop, crushing cavity have retained has not been ruled out of the stone, but ordinary spring cone crusher did not have the function of hydraulic cleaning cavity, when crusher again before starting the crushing cavity must be the stone to clear them out, clear cavity oil cylinder can provide larger clear space travel, help customers quickly clear the stone crushing cavity, avoid the manual cleaning cavity the red tape. At the same time, hydraulic cone crusher is mainly consist of security arm, safety brake shoe, leaf spring, leaf spring clamp, locking bolt, pressure spring bolt, adjust the washer etc parts.
     YIFAN is the first hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer, it researched and developed high qualified hydraulic cone crusher. Hydraulic cone crusher is a kind of used for processing all kinds of rocks and ore crushing equipment and many customers spoke highly of this kind machine.



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