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The most advanced hydraulic cone crusher is localization

    Hydraulic cone crusher is the main equipment of crushing brittle materials. It is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, water conservancy, road, rail and chemical industry. Early domestic cone crusher is shape bulky, low efficient, high energy consumption, use efficiency is not obvious. With the reform and opening-up of faster, more and more contact at home and abroad, the introduction of foreign advanced technology to improve domestic cone broken also realization generalization.
   Hydraulic cone crusher can be divided into three kinds: coarse crushing, intermediate crushing and fine crushing .The modern hydraulic cone crusher's working principle is Broken wall and spindle around the center line of the crusher with precession Angle for rotary pendulum movement, the broken wall constantly near and principle of rolling mortar wall, the broken wall and rolling mortar wall by the formation of the crushing cavity medium material constant extrusion and broken.
   Hydraulic cone crusher product size is in commonly 10 mm or so, special also can achieve 3 ~ 5 mm below. Hydraulic cone crusher products cube particle is in the majority, especially close to the discharge gate width that part of the graded, the product shape is good, solid particles, and less grinding.


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