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High performance hydraulic cone crusher solve iron ore crushing problems

   Iron ore is the main raw materials of steel manufacturing enterprise. Iron ore is crushed, grinded, seperated to form the iron. Hydraulic cone crusher plays an important role during crushing iron ore.
   At present, the production model of domestic mining industry stays scattered, samll, disorderly, it causes natural resources and energy waste and huge losses. Also causes the ecological environment great destruction, iron ore processing equipment of high efficiency and energy conservation and environmental protection is the focus of the present economic development needs. The difficulty of selecting iron ore is very high. So choosing the most economic mode of production, maximize iron ore dry separation rate, is the most need to solve the problem.
   Zhengzhou YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher overcomes many kind of difficulties, having the notable effect in the application of crushing iron ore. This series hydraulic cone crusher all have a support both upper end and lower end. Hydraulic cone crusher can bear greater iron ore crushing power. With principle of laminated adapt to the special crushing cavity shape, make crushing iron ore has higher efficiency of crushing. Compared with the old type spring cone crushe, the capacity of hydraulic cone crusher is bigger to 35%--60%. Hydraulic cone crusher adopt a variety of cavity in the works of fine crushing replacement and laminating crushing principle, make crushing products cube and the proportion of increased obviously, the needle flake stone decrease, graded more uniform, and production stability, fully meet the production requirements.
    Improving the production of iron ore to meet the need of development, it is a problem that to be considered. Zhengzhou YIFAN will always innovate the performance, quality to bring the most benefit for the invester of iron ore.



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