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Under new circumstances hydraulic cone crusher must be the winner of market

     In recent years, Chinese economic construction has been rising constantly, the development of domestic real estate and traffic infrastructure construction brings good development opportunity to promote mining machinery industry. Crusher category is more and more, technology is more and more advanced, efficiency is higher and higer. Zhengzhou YIFAN launched hydraulic cone crusher is the great innovation to the traditional cone crusher. Hydraulic cone crusher's production efficiency is improved 1--3times through many times test and production practice feedback. Simple structure makes the equipment failure rate is extremely low, hydraulic cleaning cavity, hydraulic adjusting discharge gate convenient rapid, accurate setting, so it gets general customers' high praise.
     Zhengzhou YIFAN is innovated base on absorbing foreign advanced technology experience, the design of this hydraulic cone crusher owns novel design principle, adopting new crushing technology philosophy can meet different crusing need, and be suitable to crush barious hard brittle material and be used in crushing various mining. Hydraluic cone crusher has big handling capacity during crushing materials. high production capacity, unipue design, to greatly reduce the maintainence cost, it makes hydraulic cone crusher big production efficiency and low production capital.
     Hydraulic cone crusher is the high efficiency, advance tchnology crushihg machines, it is welcomed by more and more customers. Though hydraulic cone crusher Initial investment cost is very high, but In the long run opinion, it is the highest returns crusher. Especially for the fine grinding of iron ore, granite, basalt these high hardness rocks, hydraulic cone crusher is the best choice.


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