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Experts forecast that overall situation of hydraulic cone crusher will rebound

     According to 2020 ambitious goal which create  well-off societythat put forward by the Communist Party Congress in the fall of 2012. Continuously advance rural urbanization is the key to accelerate The national comprehensive well-off society. The comprehensive urbanization construction will drive hydraulic cone crusher these equipments that needed by infrastructure construction.
     Since financial crisis, hydraulic cone crusher industry has been facing the phenomenon of sales growth is back even drops. Ine the new year, many experts forecast in the national rural urbanization and urban road transportation engineering projects, domestic hydraulic cone crusher will end the phenomenon that sales growth is back even drops. However, according to the data that national machinery export let all the hydraulic cone crusher have an optimistic attitude.
     Hydraulic cone crusher expert remind enterprise, the history told us more than once that the development opportunity would also face new challenge. For example, the traditional spring cone crusher caused environmeny pollution, domestic hydraulic cone crusher can not be high performance enough. If that phenomenon can not be solved, we can not grasp the development of new type hydraulic cone crusher. So keeping innovation of hydraulic cone crusher and creating efficient energy conservation and environmental protection is very inportant.


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