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Pebbles hydraulic cone crusher will occupy the top position

   The unique technology difficulty of pebbles hydraulic cone crusher make many macturers be afraid to invest the pebbles hydraulic cone crusher industry. In zhengzhou,the facturies that can produce high-quality hydraulic cone crusher is very few. Nowadays, with the economic development, crusher technology is more and more mature,hydraulic cone crusher is widely applied, YIFAN researched and developed spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and new SMG hydraulic cone crusher, they are all welcomed by customers, the technology level achieves the international leading level.
   At present, many manufacturers are following YIFAN machinery, they start to research and develop hydraulic cone crusher independently. So how about the future development trend of hydraulic cone crusher? Zhengzhou Yifan machinery research experts according to the customer demand and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, summarizes the key point of hydraulic cone crusher:
1. High manganese steel is made into crushing wall and rolling mortar wall of hydraulic cone crusher. And the special change of the crushing chamber type and laminated material layer to protect the broken can greatly reduce the abrasion of machine,and greatly improve the lifetime of hydraulic cone crusher.
2. Hydraulic cone crusher cavity need to adopt special design and intergranular lamination principle, this can improve the crushing ratio and capacity.
3. New hydraulic cone crusher provide more convenient operation to users, it can automatically adjust the feed port discharging size.
4. When hydraulic cone crusher is assembled, the configuration of insurance cylinder, locking cylinder and Hydraulic drive cylinder can play the role of insurance.
    Nowadays, hydraulic cone crusher is developing toward this aspect, constantly improve the operational capability, it has already been the leading in mining construction industry. Through the effort of Zhengzhou YIFAN, hydraulic cone crusher will become the ideal equipment of Chinese ore crushing.


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