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YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher--the ideal choice of hard ore crushing

   Hydraulic cone cruser is mainly used in the second stage crushing and the third stage crushing in metal mines, construction sand and gravel processing. Because of its strong crushing power and high capacity, SMH hydraulic cone crusher is more applied in crushing cobbles these medium materials.
YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher has the following features:
1. high efficiency
Adopting the fixed spindle, small spherical shaft etc. the optimized structure. Hydraulic cone crusher is higher efficiency Than the old spring cone crusher 5%--15%.
2.high productivity
It perfect broken stroke, speed and form the perfect combination of crushing cavity, problems in the design.It is higher productivity than 35%-60% than the old spring cone crusher.
3.high quality
Adopting special laminating crushing principle. Produce the broken effect between particles.
4.more stable
If there is iron, unable broken hard into the machine, iron protection device will be released automatically.
YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher working priciple:
Hydraulic cone crusher do  rotary pendulum motion under the action of eccentric sleeve driven,drive the crushing wall between rolling mortar wall materials in squeeze, rub run over. Forces from multiple directions of material, according to their own grain crushing and grinding, eventually to form stable stone particles, meet the requirements of the discharge from the broken wall of the rotating pendulum fall break, continue to the rest of the material broken, until achieve the final requirements.
YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher application environment:
1.SMH is the new hydraulic cone crusher, operation more safe and stable, and easy to maintenance, downtime, production is guaranteed, more suitable for application in large sand production system.
2.SMH hydraulic cone crusher is more suitable for crushing pebble, basalt, iron ore and other hard materials.



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