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Hydraulic cone crusher improves traditional cone crusher to keep pace with technology

  Zhengzhou YIFAN according to market demand and their products status, constantly strengthen absorb and introduce international technology. Zhengzhou YIFAN created newest hydraulic cone crusher for customers as the most advnaced technology and production strength, actively explore the crusher market.
   Hydraulic cone crusher produced by YIFAN improved actuating device of traditional cone crusher, it makes hard materials reposition, the good crushing power can better put on the broken objects, crushing effect is better. High breaking capacity and the unique design make the hydraulic cone crusher has high quality cubic shape, stable and reliable operation and easy maintainence.Hydraulic cone crusher adopted high-quality material accessories,greatly reduces the running cost of the clients. Hydraulic cone crusher can adjust from the feeder, crushing to discharging and feed back. It increase the choice of customers, can meet uses vatiety demand.
   In addition, YIFAN exclusive design of the automatic cycle system of dilute oil lubrication, escept all the virtues of traditional cone broken all the virtues, equipped with more advanced automatic control protection system made hydraulic cone crusher stability and safety increase. YIFAN hydraulic cone crusher unique push button automatic repair function for inspection and repair without dismantling machine discharging, simple one click can complete, save time and effort. Hydraulic cone crusher rely on "Stone hit stone" working principle, greatly prolong the service life of the hydraulic cone crusher.



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