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how to install the cone crusher correctly?Here is the suggestion!

How to install the cone crusher?
Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery cone crusher is famous in China,and lots of the customer use our SMH series hydraulic cone crusher,and now how to install and use the cone crusher correctly,now i list the installation order:
No 1.Cone crusher shaft installation
Shaft is the assembly of high precision parts, components should be put into the rack in the rack before the junction with the axis frame at the pre-release flange gasket in order to adjust the gear meshing performance. Wei-axis horizontal partial coincidence should not be played 0. 15mm / m.

No 2. Cone crusher eccentric sleeve installation                                                                                                  
Partial sleeve installed in the press before the first installed in the bottom rack, to adjust the pad mounted on the bottom cover, then the rings will be thrust under the suspension of shuffleboard discs and two installed in order to adjust the mat, under the thrust plate and to the concave and convex bottom cover of the card slot is good. Note that the thrust should be installed with a cylindrical pin round to link up with the eccentric sleeve, the two co-rotating.

No 3.Cone crusher and the spherical bearing spherical bearing installation
Spherical axis of the rack, the spherical bearing with a cylindrical pin is fixed to the bearing housing, in order to prevent the cylindrical pin loosening, the need to water of zinc alloy. Lifted in the repair of broken or cone, due to pin loosening, lubricating spherical bearing may be glued to the bottom of the spherical cone crusher. This cone crusher in the lifting process, the spherical bearing may fall at any time to cause an accident.
Spherical bearing installation, it should be closely located in the crusher frame groove of boring, and to key into the groove does not skew fixation, to prevent the bearing groove in the boring swing deflection, and checked with a feeler level close contact situations.

No 4. Cone crusher cone installation: broken spindle cone advance, crushing the whole liner and other components, should be carefully checked before installing the spindle center hole is smooth, spherical and cone spindle and clean, before breaking into machine, cleaning should be careful not to front unbuttoned the crusher, so as not to dirty the other parts have been cleaned. Crushing cone and the spherical bearing spherical contact surface should be in the outer bearing, closing annular contact width (0 3-0 5). Point of contact in an area of 25 × 25mm less than three, no contact with the Ministry of wedge-shaped gap is 0. 5-1mm.

No 5. Cone crusher dust seal the installation
Dust seal device can effectively prevent dust into the crusher internal friction surfaces, dust seal water supply system, there are two devices, one is the use of open-water pumping station to use the concentrator, and the other is the use of self through the ball water supply station, which is already assembled pump system connected to the spherical axis of the aircraft’s water inlet, the water should be set against the provision of minerals and wear from being in the drain, the speakers should be set up to facilitate the observation port access water in order to check the drainage situation in the inlet on the road, should be set valve, and has stopped working when the total exclusion of water in storage tanks on the cut-off valve.

No 6. Cone crusher lubrication of the installation
Cone Crusher is forced lubrication with thin oil, lubrication points shall be provided in easy maintenance, dust and small parts of the installation broken cone, you should complete the installation of lubrication equipment, lubrication equipment and conduct experiments, so that lubrication occurs if failure to facilitate removal prior repairs, lubrication system, electrical system should be to achieve interlock with the host, that host before starting, pump must be open, otherwise the host can not be started, in order to ensure that the host before the operation to be fully lubricated. When the oil pressure is lower than 0. 05MPa or oil temperature over 60 degrees, or the pump fails to stop working, and the host should send a signal to stop operation, to ensure the machine from damage.

No 7. Cone crusher adjustment device and the installation of locking spring
Installation should be first installed in the lock cylinder on the support ring, and then pay support ring mounted on the rack, and check the slope exposure is uniform, then the adjustment ring screwed into the support ring and lock nut in adjustment ring and align the support ring on the four pin holes, re-positioning of pretty nails. Spring installation is a rough double-detailed work that can not be sloppy, to be consistent all spring compression, the compressed spring height should be consistent with requirements of the drawings, each spring bolts required to install the two nuts.

No 8. Cone crusher feed of the installation
Feed the installation, mainly to ensure the ore through the distribution plate in the circumferential direction on evenly dispersed in the crushing cavity, so that can guarantee small and uniform particle size, high output, the machine work smoothly, less reactive power consumption. Otherwise it will result in overload and fragmentation crusher liner wear part, so coarse and uneven grain products, production decline. To this end, we must really choose to mine under the chute height and angle, in particular, to ensure the distribution disk into the real high-pitch. The ore into the hopper, the vertical distribution of disk falls, swing by the distribution plate and the rotation effect, the ore evenly distributed in the crushing chamber, not directly to the ore into the crusher cavity.

No 9. Hydraulic cone crusher station installation and commissioning                                                                                            
Cone crusher hydraulic  station should be installed in position for easy operation, push cylinder lock cylinder and corresponding to the oil phase should be to ensure that the forward and back simultaneously push cylinder, hydraulic parts installed, should be the pressure test, test pressure 14Mpa. Pressure in the test process, through the bottom of the pipe and the accumulator block screws, lock cylinder in the pipeline and the residual gas excluded.

Above all  Cone crusher should be installed in the steel and concrete, based on the basis of size and depth should be determined in accordance with local geological conditions, elevation of the concrete foundation should be set aside out of the second filling layer. In order to avoid the provision of broken ore deposits, the lower part of the basis must have enough space to install the transport equipment. Based on the lower part of the wall should be set with shield, so as not to damage the whereabouts of the cup base ore, based on drawings and in-kind casting should be carried out before the elevation, feet strictly check the relative position of the screw holes to confirm and correct before casting.

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