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Advanced Crusher for Hard Rock

The hydraulic cone crusher is a new generation cone crusher in mine construction industry and also is the ideal equipment for the large rock factory and mining crushing industry.
Compared with the spring cone crusher and general hydraulic cone crusher, SMH series high efficient hydraulic cone crusher has the following several advantages:
1.SMH series high efficient hydraulic cone installs three hydraulic insurance institutions such as the insurance oil cylinder, lock oil cylinder and hydraulic push oil cylinder, which not only plays the role of insurance but it also can deal with the malfunction without dismantling the machine parts.
2. This kind of cone crusher can automatic control the size of the discharging, and it is convenient to operation and with strong reliability.
3. The crushing cavity was specially designed by the laminated principle between grains, in combination with the corresponding speed, which can significantly increase the crushing ratio and yield as well as increase the content of the cube in the end product.
4. Under the circumstance of happening a iron and instant stuffy, hydraulic machine can be automatic discharging, greatly reducing the artificial discharging troubles of the old spring break required shutting down the taper. It is simple to maintain and with a low cost.
5. With hydraulic pressure adjustment, thin oil lubrication and effective way of the labyrinth seal, it fundamentally eliminate the common malfunction such as the oil-water mixture of old spring cone crusher.
6. Crushing wall is made by high manganese steel, with a changing crushing cavity shape and laminated pieces of material layer protection, which greatly reduces the machine wear, generally increases the service life by 35% to 82%.

The latest developed SMH series hydraulic cone crusher not only increase the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expand the crushing scope of application, which covers from the limestone to basalt, from stone production to all kinds of ores. It can provide a incomparable crushing performance in various kinds of crushing, fine crushing, super fine crushing assignments.
Zhengzhou YIFAN machinery company is a major manufacturer and supplier of the whole set of mining machinery in China. Our company has obtained ISO/CE certification. With many years of experiences, our company produces a wide variety of stone crushing equipment, including hydraulic cone crusher,sand making machine,mobile crusher, crawler mobile crusher, impact crusher, spring cone crusher, etc.
Acknowledging the importance of product quality, our company carries out strict quality inspections during each production procedure. We can fully guarantee the quality of our products.

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