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Cone Crusher Is Widely Used In Mining

Rock crusher use: rock crusher can be widely used in mining, metallurgy,Cement equipment building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other department. Rock crusher classification: crusher broken the models of action according to force can be roughly divided into two broad categories crusher: crusher and grinding machine. (1) cone crusher general handle more chunks of materials, products are coarse granularity, usually more than 8 mm. The structure characteristics of the broken pieces is a certain gap between, don't touch each other. Crusher and can be divided into the crushing machine,Impact crusher in broken machines and finely machine. Crusher including: jaw crusher, hammer crusher, compound crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, Europe version jaw crusher,Jaw breaker etc. (2) the grinding machine generally grinding machine handling materials is fine, the product is fine grain size, can amount to 0. 074 mm, or even fine some. The structure is broken parts (or medium) contact with each other, Sand washing equipment steel bar, gravel or ore blocks, etc. But some machine is broken mine concurrently at the same time and the grinding effects, such as the grinding machine. For five. 5 multiply one. 8 meters from grinding machine processing ore size limit can reach 350-400-mm, the product can reach-fineness 200 mesh 40% or so. Grinding machine including: ladder-shaped, European, grinding, Hammer crusher coal mill, superfine grinding, coarse grinding, micro powder mill,Stone crushing plant high pressure grinding, Raymond grinding roller suspension, grinding, through grinding, since the grinding machine, the ball mill, the cement ground, etc.It is the intermittent movement of the broken. The hammer apparatus for a simple construction, reliable and can break the hard material advantages and is widely used in dressing, building materials, silicate and ceramics industrial department. Cone type ore crusher apply to break in the rubble finely homework or mechanical. And the smaller the homework in discharging the uniformity of the particle size is usually better than crushing operational requirements of high, therefore, in the bottom of the crushing cavity will establish a parallel area, at the same time, still must speed up the broken cone spinning back speed, so that the material in the parallel by more than one extrusion. Roller type jaw crusher is to use the friction roller materials will bite into the crushing area, make the bear squeezing or fracturing and broken machines.


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