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Product Differentiation of Cone Crusher

With the continuous growth of China's economic construction, crushing machine industry has been developing rapidly. Cone crushers have been widely used and greatly popularized. The machine's advantageous design and superior performance are the fundamental reason for gradually entering the market. The following two advantages of cone crusher make it have great prospects for development in the competition of the market. 1. the cone crusher adopts innovative design principles and the new crushing technology, and can crush materials of different specifications. Cone crushers are widely used in metallurgy industry, building materials industry, road building industry, chemical industry and silicate industry. They are suitable to crush various kinds of ore and rocks of medium or above medium hardness. The cone crusher is of high performance, high efficiency, high capacity, low operation costs, easy adjustment, economic operation, etc. It not only has large reduction ratio, fine and uniform product size but also has low unit power consumption. The machine has few requirements for humidity and is suitable to crush any hard brittle materials. The cone crusher has great prospects in mineral processing industry. 2. the cone crusher has high throughput in crushing materials and high capacity. Its unique design greatly reduces repair and maintenance costs, therefore the crushing productivity has been greatly improved and production costs have remarkably decreased.3. Special material is used to manufacture key assemblies to support large crush power. 4. Large capacity. Compared with other type of the crusher, the series of  cone crusher has longer crush arm, larger stroke, larger crush power. It can crush the materiel more efficiently. 5. Every stroke crushes more materiel. 6. The crushing cone has long distance to bowl liner in every stroke, so the crusher allows more materiel to get into the cavity and produces larger capacity, and the materiel passes through the cavity more quickly. 7. Low cost of daily run and maintenance. Right manufacture materiel and structure are chosen to prolong the use life; the long crush arm reduces the load of slip bearing, gear, and shell; the granularity of the product is uniform which reduces the cycle load; the system of cleaning cavity with hydraulic pressure is convenient.After the material has slid down a short distance, the larger lumps or masses of the material are crushed into smaller masses by the impact created when these lumps are caught between the crushing head wall and the inner wall of the mantle jacket, as the head approaches a portion of the mantle wall.When the head retracts after having delivered the impact, the material continues to slip down and spread out on the flaring wall of the head along a course bounded by the adjacent head and mantle walls, until another impact is delivered by the head. After each succeeding impact the crushed material becomes smaller and slides along and spreads out into an area of the tapered cavity having a smaller spacing between its walls.The final size of the crushed product is determined by the spacing between the walls at the lower end of the crushing cavity, when the head is in its position closest to the mantle.The size of the crushed product can be regulated by raising or lowering the mantle by means of the sprocket nuts, thereby increasing or decreasing the cross section of the crushing cavity.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery,Zhengzhou YIFAN is always doing the best in products and service.


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