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The World Advanced Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is a kind of crushing machine commonly used in mining, metallurgical industry, construction, road construction and chemical industry.Our Hydraulic Cone Crusher adopts world advanced technology and it is designed and made through to be the crusher of world advanced level. it is widely used in metallurgical, architectural, water and electricity, traffic, chemical, architectural material industries. It is suitable for crushing varies of mid hard and above mid hard ores and rocks. Hydraulic cone crusher with high-efficiency and hydraulic pressure is suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing, was widely used in mining, concrete factory, sand/stone making, etc.

1.Reasonable structure advanced crushing principle and technical specification, reliable work and low cost.2.Strong crushing ability; High efficient productivity; High capacity.3.Reliable Hydraulic system providing safe and effective overload protection.4.Two type of crushing chamber are for wide range of product size requirement.5.High automation adopting hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic clean cavity setting.
When the cone crusher is working, the motor drives the eccentric bearing bushing via spring coupling, transmission shaft and a couple of cone gear wheel. The crushing cone axis is forced to swing by the eccentric bearing bushing, which makes the mantle sometimes close to the bowl liner, and sometimes far away from the bowl liner. The raw materials are pressed, impacted and finally crushed in the crushing chamber.

Structure and Operation Principles of Cone Crusher:
1.The cone crusher is made up of a frame, transmission device, hollow eccentric shaft, bowl-shaped bearing, crushing cone, springs, and hydraulic pressure station for adjusting the discharge opening.
2. While in operation, the eccentric shaft shell is rotated by a motor through a horizontal axle and a pair of bevel gear. Under the eccentric shaft shell drive, the axle of crushing cone swings. When it swings to the extent that the surface of the crushing wall is close to the roll mortar wall, the rocks and ores are pressed and crushed.
3. Cone crusher is more advanced and efficient than the jaw crusher. This is because the cone breaker crushes materials using the working surface between the movable cone and fixed cone. Supported by spherical bearing, movable cone is fixed on an erect hanging shaft. The erect shaft is set in the eccentric sleeve. The rotation of the eccentric shaft sleeve causes the movable cone and erect shaft to rotate accordingly. Since the lower part of vertical shaft is installed in the eccentric sleeve, the rotation of the eccentric sleeve will create a conical surface. Rocks are crushed, when the movable cone is close to the fixed one, and are discharged when they part. 




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