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How to Prolonged The Life of Machines

1. Bowl bearings and seals
   When installing the bowl-shaped bearing, taking care not to make the rope break something slinger (available hardwood material support in the rope between).
   Assembly, the spherical bearing should be scraped to ensure that the crushing cone and bowl each other spherical outer contact with the inner ring should ensure that the annular gap of 0.35-0.5mm.
    Bowl bush around the perfusion bar alloy nail in the bowl bearing shelves, rotating along the circumferential how to prevent the bowl bearing.  
    Bowl-shaped bearing frame and use (sales) and fixed in the work bowl bearing frame and the gap must be handled immediately.
 2. Conical bushing
    Bushes empty eccentric shaft to research co-injection of zinc alloy to prevent the sleeve rotation, zinc alloy to be full of all clearance, due to the thermal Note the sake of the zinc alloy may cause deformation of the sleeve, so better check the size of the new cone Set d1 and d2 incorrect and B, etc. should be promptly amended the actual size of the sets of inner diameter of preparation in order to maintain the original with the manufacture of spare parts should be eccentric.
 3, Spring
    (1) the role of the spring when the crusher into the protect the crusher can not be broken material is not damaged, the spring pressure crusher broken power crusher spring in the normal working hours is not moving, just fall into the iron overloading of crusher crushing chamber when the lift supporting the phenomenon of the spring is compressed.  

    (2) the upper part of the crusher during normal working hours occurred beating, this is not a normal phenomenon must be carefully analyzed, the cause and take measures to remove the incorrectly compression spring not only does not work, but may occur part of the damage, because of the compression spring will cause the increase of the crushing force.
     Caused by the crusher the upper beating for several reasons:
    A. ore uneven or to mine too much
    B. ore contains too many small pieces and powdered ore or humidity is too large.
    C. entrance to the mine clearance is too small.
 4. machine exposed to the rotating part, should be added to the shield, the shield is owned by the user.
 5.Cylindrical bushing and the frame body with the third transition is again injected into the upper slot in the bush in order to prevent the bush rotation, zinc alloy, and replace the new bushing should frame body size preparation, because crusher after long hours of work, loading and unloading will inevitably lead to change with the relationship. If the gap is too general cause the bushing to rupture.


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