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The Advanced Hydraulic Cone Crusher

     Hydraulic cone crusher with high efficiency is suitable for secondary crushing of many kinds of mining and rock whose compression strength not higher than 360Mpa, such as ore, concrete, fireproof material, alumyte, quartzite, corundum, perlite, ironstone, basalt etc. SBM HPC series hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in mining and construction, concrete factory, sandstone making industry.

  Hydraulic cone crusher machine structure:
Hydraulic cone crusher consist of frame, transmission device, hollow eccentric shaft, bowl-shaped bearing, crushing cone, springs and hydraulic pressure station for adjusting discharge opening.

 Hydraulic cone crusher machine benefits and features:
1) High crushing ratio with high efficiency.
Hydraulic cone crusher machine introduces “eccentric bushing circum fixed shaft” special working principle, and strengthen the main shaft, which is possible to realize crushing with larger power. Crushing cavity of the hydraulic cone crusher adopts layer pressure theory and the matching speed will sharply increase the crushing ratio, output, so does the cubic product percentage.
2) Double insurance hydraulic governing system
Hydraulic cone crusher equipped with insurance cylinder, lock cylinder, lock oil cylinder. They not only protect the machinery but can deal with troubles without disassembly the machine parts. So the maintenance is easier than spring cone crusher.
3) New gearing adjusting system
Hydraulic cone crusher adopts newly hydraulic driving system and function of self lock &wide adjustment.
4) Grease seal and effective labyrinth seal
Hydraulic cone crusher is adjusted by hydraulic device and lubricated by the dilute oil, which is helpful to avoid water jam, and radically eliminate the defect of water and oil in the traditional spring cone crusher.

 Common problems for hydraulic cone crusher:
The performance of ordinary hydraulic pressure cone crusher can acts as the reference for the performance of hydraulic cone crusher. As a composing unit of the production line, its performance can be influenced by other units like feeder, belt conveyor, vibrating screen, motor, transmission part and hopper, etc.
Take care of the following factors which can influence the performance of hydraulic pressure cone crusher:
1. choose the right crushing cavity according to the materials be crushed;
2. the feeding size should be right;
3. materials distributed equally around the round of crushing cavity;
4. automatically control system;
5. discharge opening of cone crusher works normally;
6. the model of belt conveyor be seasoned with the max. processing ability of the crusher;
7. Choose the right screen model for advance screening and closed screening.
The following character can decrease the capacity of Hydraulic Pressure:
1. the fine particle with size less than that of feeding hole surpass the max. capacity of the crusher by the extent of 10%;
2. Sticky materials mixed in the feeding;
3. No feeding control;
4. Materials allocated improperly around the crushing cavity;
5. The recommended power not used;
6. Screening capacity not enough;
7. Discharge opening now works normally;
8. Materials too hard or too elastic.



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