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Spring Cone Crusher --Your Favorite Choice

    Spring cone crusher has found its extensive application in the field of metal & non-metal mines, concrete factory, construction building, and sand tone metallurgy, which can be used to crush the Iron ore, nonferrous metal ores, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, pebble and so on.Based on foreign technology and customers requirements, we company have developed this kind of modern high-performance.
   How the Spring Cone Crusher Work?
   Driven by the electric-motor, the eccentric shaft bush will rotate with the triangle belt, small and big bevel gear, big bear, transmission shaft. Driven by the eccentric shaft bush, the cone crusher axis will move circlely, which makes the mantle close or leave the cone from time to time. And then the materials will be crushed by continously compacting, striking, and crooking in the circle crushing cavity between the fixed and moveable cone. After several times repeating, the materials will be crushed to the required size and then they will be discharged by the discharging opening.
    Structure Features of Spring cone crusher:
1)High performance:This machine merges the crushing stroke, speed and cavity shape into a single whole, and this perfect unification design make its output can be greatly improved compared with the traditional one under the same diameter.
2)Better particle components size:the adoption of layer crushing principle have improved the ratio of final products with cubic shape.And the ratio of stone with needle shape have been reduced a lot and the particle size have become more evenly.
3)High stability: the iron-appearance protection equipment will be released automaticly and then be returned to the original position when there have some non-crushing materials such as irons entering the cavity.
4)Convenient cavity cleasing:if the machine is in the situation of downtime, the hydraulic cavity cleasing system can quickly clean the crushing cavity, thus greatly reducing the downtime.
5)High reliablity:it adopts the large diameter bear, heavy main frame, and unique light lubrication automatic control system, which ensures the equipment have a robust structure and reliable function.
6)Convenient maintanance and easy operation:all the spare parts can be torn apart from top or the side wall, thus the fixed and flexible cone assembly can be easily torn apart.Bronze slide bear can maintain the excellent bear performance in the high shock and vibrating crushing environment, which has become more economic than the rolling bear with the better convenient maintenance.
7)Low operation cost:it features high production capability and reliability, convenient maintenance, which have greatly reduced the production cost.
8)Wide application:with the best use of the best performance, it can be used for various kinds of crushing crafts:from super coarse crush to fine crush, from the fixed to the portable crusher plant.There have many choices for you to choice from super coarse crushing to various cavities according to the crushing crafts.




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