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Spring cone crusher Is Your Wise Choice for Fine Crushing

Spring cone crusher overview:
   Spring type cone crusher is the earliest cone crusher and also the most widely used cone crusher in the world today. The improved and refined spring cone crusher owns a more reasonable structure and more advanced technical parameters. Spring cone crusher has excellent performance in manufacturing, installation, usage and maintenance.

Application of Spring Cone Crusher:
   Spring Cone crusher is widely used in industries like metallurgy, construction, road building, chemistry etc, to crush many kinds of mid-hard or hard rocks and ores such as iron ore, limestone, granite, basalt, quartz etc. The standard ones are used for intermediate crushing; the medium ones are used for fine crushing; and the short head ones are used for super thin crushing.

Spring cone crusher Structure:
    It mainly consists of frame, concaves assembly, mantle assembly, spring, bowl support, and transmission.Concaves assembly is composed of adjustment sleeve, concave, while mantle assembly is composed of main shaft, mantle head, mantle. Transmission part is composed of pulley, shaft, pionion and gear.

Spring cone crusher Features:
1. Many types of cavity. The series of cone crusher owns special design, and the customer could select type of the cavity which has high efficiency, uniform granularity, good shape, uniform abrasion and long use life of bowl liner and mantle.
2. Dry oil seal prevents the dust. The series of cone crusher owns special seal structure, so it has credible seal effect, and prolongs the cycle of the lube and use life.
3. Special material is used to manufacture key assemblies to support large crush power.
4. Large capacity. Compared with other type of the crusher, the series of cone crusher has longer crush arm, larger stroke, larger crush power. It can crush the materiel more efficiently.
5. Every stroke crushes more materiel.
6. The crushing cone has long distance to bowl liner in every stroke, so the crusher allows more materiel to get into the cavity and produces larger capacity, and the materiel passes through the cavity more quickly.
7. Low cost of daily run and maintenance. Right manufacture materiel and structure are chosen to prolong the use life; the long crush arm reduces the load of slip bearing, gear, and shell; the granularity of the product is uniform which reduces the cycle load; the system of cleaning cavity with hydraulic pressure is convenient. 


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